trustworthy, friendly and well worth the money

Welcome! We can offer you a wide variety of new- used- and Price shocker -offers, a fair consultation and individual finance possibilities trimmed to your needs.

We offer to take your used car and make you a transparent offer to buy it from you.

Our Garage-Team makes sure that the car you buy is in good shape. All our vehicles have recently passed the road authority check and all the necessary services or repairs will be taken care of for you. A Warranty up to 12 months will round off our offer and will ensure that anything unexpected will not cost you any more money.

But there is more, your car will be taken care of by a professional of the ken’s carwash-team (www.carwashpark.ch) . You will be amazed how clean and shiny your car looks when it’s time to call it your own!

Our Service does not end when you leave our lot with your new car. We will be glad to take care of your car in all belongings afterwards. Accessories, service and repairs of all brands is possible.. Just so you know, you’re at the right place with us! But not just you even your kids. We have a playground for your little ones where they can play during your stay with us. So, come by and see for yourself. We will be glad to welcome you here!

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